Our brand has been in the food and beverage industry for more than 20 years. Regarding our hot-sale product, the “milk tea”, thanks to Madin who recommended us T-333 equipped with the tea-brewing function, we can now use less quantity of tea to brew more intensive tea flavor. It also comes with the juice function. We don’t need to peel or remove the nectars and still getting 100% of juice, saving our fruit processing time. Also, it keeps the entire nutrients and flavor.

After using Madin T-333 Comprehensive Tea Maker, we could finally provide our clients to enjoy the sea view together with the freshly made ice-smoothie, turning the CHECK-IN waiting time to be a pleasure. This processor is different from the commercially available ones. It significantly alleviated my personnel training and reduced the drink-making time; as a plus, it saved a lot of spaces, too. It is a multi-functional customized machine with a handy interface, truly a must for everyone in the food and beverage industry.

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