Large Chain-store Headquarters

Trustworthy product quality
The solution for all management weaknesses of chain-store headquarters
Standardized S.O.P. manufacturing process
Multi-function and applications in one machine
Trustworthy maintenance system
From R&D to store operation
From hot sales to new products
We do not only provide
The equipment
But also the comprehensive franchise system

Oversea Distributors

Planning of marketing strategies
Expanding oversea markets
Together with our partners from sowing to germination
From international exhibitions to oversea sales experience centers
In line with international sales structure
Blended with local market and culture
Madin is Taiwan’s boutique
Also, an international brand

Madin Users

We are professionals of equipment
Assisting all entrepreneurial opportunities
Recipe applications
Dynamic and highly efficient machines
Maximizing every single opportunity cost
It is not only the franchise system
For every brand that is about to take off
Madin is your most satisfactory choice

Different drinks Same professionalism

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