Pursuing Excellence in Technology, Delivering Warmth Through Sweet Flavors

Pursuing Excellence in Technology, Delivering Warmth Through Sweet Flavors

Trash Ice Processor

Microcomputer Control, Specifically Designed for Frappes

madin offers the most comprehensive professional frappe blender, combining the functions of a frappe maker and a tea maker. Tailored for high-end customers and large chain headquarters, this flagship model features rapid concentration and multi-directional circulation design, providing ingredients and ice cubes with ample blending space. Enjoy various textures of frappes, including slushy, crushed ice, and diamond ice, with the unique cup shape ensuring thorough mixing of ingredients.

Five Key Features

Comprehensive professional features and a complete blending space allow you to enjoy smoothies with different textures.

Five Key Features

Comprehensive professional features and a complete blending space allow you to enjoy smoothies with different textures.

Ice Slush

Diamond-crushed ice drinks offer a visually stunning gradient effect, enhancing the quality of your beverage.


Frosty Delights | Enjoy a sensation similar to snow slush, perfect for refreshing summer indulgence.


Completely pulverized ice gives a thick, creamy texture reminiscent of ice cream.


Smooth and fine without any residue, retaining the essence of dietary fiber from ingredients, ensuring complete absorption of nutrients.

Hot Drink

Fully pulverized ingredients suitable for making nutty hot drinks or thick soups, ensuring a smooth and residue-free experience.

Product Details

Hexagonal Steel Dynamic Structure

Designed with a 360-degree quick positioning hexagonal steel dynamic structure, it allows for fast disassembly, high noise resistance, load-bearing capacity, and wear resistance, enhancing kinetic energy efficiency.

Multi-directional Power Cup

Featuring an octagonal two-piece lightweight cup design tailored for smoothies, it provides 6-8 times more efficiency compared to cylindrical cup shapes.

High-hardness Carbon Steel Blades

Equipped with exclusively designed German carbon steel blades, featuring special angles and shapes to effortlessly crush ice cubes and quickly blend with ingredients.

Product Features

High-Speed Motor

Equipped with a 3.0 high-speed commercial motor combined with intelligent programming, achieving high efficiency with low energy consumption.

Exclusive Cross Blades

The cup body is seamlessly molded with exclusive cross blades, ensuring perfect cutting performance.

Customized Program Settings

Assisting in adjusting the equipment’s speed and data, together finding the key to flavor and texture.

Product Series


Playful Chef Multi-functional Automatic blender



Chef Exclusive Food Processor



Professional & Commercial Automatic-speed Smoothie Machine



Manual Speed-control Commercial Smoothie Machine



Playful Chef’s Multi-functional Fully Automatic Food Processor



Chef-master food preparation blender



Auto Timer Smoothie blender



6 levels variable speed – basic bar blender



Please check if the load exceeds the capacity; the motor will automatically cut off power and stop to protect your safety when overloaded or overheated.

Parts such as the PC cup body, cup lid, waterproof gasket, upper and lower couplings, etc., are consumable parts under heavy workload and need to be checked and replaced regularly.

Use commercially available dishwashing detergent and a sponge brush, rinse with water. PS. Do not use scrubbing brushes such as vegetable brushes that are prone to scratching. It is recommended to soak the inside of the ice sand cup with baking soda powder every two weeks to remove tea stains and scale.

Please stop blending immediately, pour out the contents, and check if the blades and cup body are damaged. If damaged, the parts must be replaced before continuing to use.

Please do not panic and immediately turn off the machine, then remove the main unit to avoid the liquid from entering the motor. Wipe it clean and perform a water test to see if it operates normally. If there are any abnormalities, please message us privately on Facebook to report them.

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